Who are these people; where is the light?
I cannot tell whether it is day or it is night.
My feet are so sore; standing on these bars.
In this 12 inch cage that we now call… ours?

The metal is rattling throughout the night;
My next door neighbours frequently fight.
A rare silence is suddenly spoiled by a yelp;
isn’t there anybody who wants to help?

I don’t remember the last time we were fed;
my roommate is now dead and has bled.
The stench is unbearable; they’re eating him too.
Ravenously desperate, on his ribs they will chew. 

The heat is insufferable and we’re going insane:
from the darkness, the cage and the intolerable pain.
I am an animal and I deserve to be free.
But I am trapped and imprisoned and unable to flee.

I am more than my fur and the money it will make.
I am more than a prisoner and the torture I take.
I am more than a hat, a coat or a statement of wealth.
And I need your help because I cannot stand up for myself!

Fur farming is the term used to describe raising animals for their fur. This process is all done in an agonising way. You must be thinking: there must be a good reason for this? Well, is fashion a good enough reason? I would say not. Most of the world’s farmed fur is produced by European farmers with 63% of mink fur and 70% of fox fur being ‘farmed’ in Europe. Denmark is currently the country which produces the most mink fur in the world, which accounts for 28% of the global fur produced.

Fashion does not need fur and with many faux alternatives, this suffering is unnecessary.

Thankfully, big fashion brands are in agreement.

In recent years, a growing number luxury fashion brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Tommy Hilfiger and more who have eliminated fur from their collections. This marks an excellent move forward in the world of compassion and a move away from the pain and torture of innocent creatures.