Season one of our Sanctuary Series is complete! If you missed any episodes featuring the adorable rescue stories from Black Sheep Sanctuary Ōtaki then now is your chance to indulge!

After you finish the series, please take a minute to help support the incredible work that this sanctuary does to help keep these lucky rescues safe and happy for the rest of their lives. More about this at the bottom of the page.

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Episode 1:

Toffee the rescue goat’s story ❤️🐐🌱

Episode 2:

Meet a few of 200 residents at Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki! The sanctuary’s message is simple: “Choose Compassion” 🌱

Episode 3:

Gherkin was found alone on the side of the road, sunburnt and dehydrated with not a farm, pig, or house in sight. It is thought he fell from a transportation truck…

Episode 4:

Not all animals who end up in animal sanctuaries lived their previous lives in neglect. In Trotter’s case, it was kindness that nearly killed him…

Episode 5:

Teapot is the happiest little piglet you could ever meet! But life didn’t start out that way…

Episode 6:

An update on how Toffee is doing.

Read more about Black Sheep Sanctuary Ōtaki here.

If you would like to support the sanctuary, there are several ways you can do so. You can:

Make a donation to the sanctuary Give a Little page https://givealittle.co.nz/donate/org/blacksheep

Sponsor an animal. You can either sponsor an individual animal, or a group, such as pigs or chickens. More information at http://www.theblacksheep.org.nz/sponsor.html

Merchandise. All kinds of branded goodies from tea towels and totes to clothing and badges are available from http://www.theblacksheep.org.nz/merchandise.html

The sanctuary is run by volunteers, so all donations go directly to caring for the animals and promoting animal rights.

All of the videos above were created by Nomad Visions in association with Vegan FTA.

Vegan FTA Rescue Series Season One