Sales in plant-based meat have increased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic according to a market research report from Nielson.

The report compares data from the same time period in the previous year and shows the sales of vegan meats soaring by 279.8 % for the week ending on March 14 and 206.4% for the previous week. 

While many products had surges in purchases due to the rush to stock up on supplies, plant-based meats seem to have surged more than many others.

Oat milk also had an incredibly dramatic increase in sales, seeing a spike of +476.7% for the week ending on March 14th. Compare that with toilet paper which has seen a +212.7% increase. And we thought people were hoarding toilet paper?! 

Since the reports came out that the virus likely originated from a wildlife market in Wuhan, China, many people have been suggesting that there are potential future dangers of consuming animal flesh of any type. 

Could people be waking up to the fact that this pandemic and many future pandemics could prevented by adopting a plant-based diet? 

Vegan Meat Sales Surge by 280% During Coronavirus Pandemic