The Very Good Food Company (VGF) recently became the world’s second plant-based meat company to go public and began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange just last week under the ticket ‘VERY’.

They launched with the share price at CAD $0.25 and already according to investor Eat Beyond Global Holdings has seen a nearly 800% increase, closing at $2.00 per share at when the market closed on June 22nd. 

A Vegan Butchery?

VGF is the parent company of The Very Good Butcher, a vegan butchery that opened in Victoria, Canada, by trained chefs, with the idea of creating and selling delicious and nutritious plant-based meats. 

On their site they state that they are “…doing things differently. Our minimally-processed, vegan meats are handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada with whole-foods you’ve likely got in your kitchen; beans, grains, vegetables, herbs and spices.”

What people are saying:

“We are thrilled to see The Very Good Food Company, another major plant-based IPO, mirroring the success of Beyond Meat,” said CEO of Eat Beyond, Patrick Morris. “There is clearly extraordinary confidence in this market, and enormous demand for plant-based products. We are excited to continue investing in this growing sector and continuing to be a part of more success stories like this one.”

Image from @theverygoodbutchers on Instagram

Where Can I Find Out More About The Very Good Butchers?

Website: verygoodbutchers.com
Instagram: @theverygoodbutchers
Twitter: @verygoodbutcher

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Vegan Butcher Stock Soars By Nearly 800%