For the first time ever a vegan restaurant in France was awarded a Michelin star!

Claire Vallée first opened Origine Non Animale or ONA in Arès, France in 2016.

“I chose to create a cuisine which reflects my character and values, avant-garde in a multitude of aspects. I believe in plants! For me, it is undoubtedly the cuisine of the future because it meets all our needs effectively: ecology, biology, ethics, human and health,” Claire Vallée states on the ONA site.

At first she struggled to receive funding from traditional banks. “They said the outlook for veganism and plant-based food was too uncertain,” she said to AFP news agency. She was able to obtain the funding necessary via crowdfunding and through a bank with a strong ethical funding focus. 

Along with being vegan ONA also have a large focus on sustainability, using renewable energy and composting. Because of their sustainability practices in addition to receiving a Michelin star, they were also given a green star.

They offer seven vegan dishes on their menu, but are temporarily closed because of the current pandemic.

Find out more about Origine Non Animale here.

Vegan Restaurant Receives Michelin Star in France for the First Time