A new preschool is opening in South Wales, Australia and is the first completely vegan preschool in the country!

Sustainable Play Preschool describe themselves as an ‘early education centre with a play-based philosophy + plant-based meals, grounded in sustainable practices.’ Their goal is to encourage sustainability and to have an entirely plant-based menu for their students.

Meals will be made at the school and include a lot of fresh nutrient dense food like smoothies, fresh fruit and veggies, tofu mac n cheeze, banana ice cream, and veggie muffins. They also will offer gluten and soy-free options for any students with allergies.

According to their website, ‘Sustainable Play Preschool weaves sustainable and ethical practices into all aspects of children’s learning, wellbeing and educational outcomes while providing our quality, play-based curriculum and plant-based meals for our preschoolers.’

Along with offering a plant-based diet to their students, the curriculum at Sustainable Play Preschool will include a strong focus on sustainable and ethical practices.

‘We envision a world where children grow aware of sustainable practices and animal ethics, advocating for the environmental health of our planet in a responsible and empowered way. Children are the future, and as the global need for sustainable development increases, as does the need to implement sustainability into children’s education.’

More and more schools are adding vegan options to their menus or going entirely plant-based.

Do you think we’ll see all schools focus on sustainability and plant-based living in the future?

Vegan Preschool to Open in Australia!Vegan Preschool to Open in Australia!