Vegan FTA is strongly opposed to animal testing and our friends at NZAVS have a way that you can DIRECTLY help demand action for animals used in barbaric experiments, you just need to sign their incredibly important petition.

Why is this petition important?

“Using animals for science does not start in a lab. It is driven by decisions much further down the track. Funding and policy decisions are a major driver of animal experimentation. A lack of transparency and openness means the public rarely knows what is going on. And our laws are often weak and selectively enforced.

This petition aims to put the pressure on Parliament to start creating a world without animal testing. NZAVS has been campaigning on this topic for decades, so we will also be sharing our expertise for how to make it happen.”

What’s the end goal?

“The petition is the first step of a larger plan. We hope to work directly with regulators to improve outdated sections of law that are sending money to the wrong places, laws that fail to monitor animal experimenters, and laws that do not give enough information about what happens to animals used in science.”

This petition aims to put the pressure on the NZ Government to start creating a world without animal testing. It already has over 16K signatures. Can you help it reach 20K by signing and sharing today?


Find out more about NZAVS and the work they do: https://nzavs.org.nz

Petition: Demanding Action Against Animal Experimentation