Renee and Tommy King’s story is an incredible tale of how a multigenerational Texas cattle rancher made the switch from farm to sanctuary. All too often when immersed in and conditioned to the farming lifestyle, the disconnection between animals and sentient beings is overwhelming. When Renee started to make that connection however, she realised she had to do something about it. ‘I could not stand to watch the babies leave their mamas even one more time to go to the sale barn FOR SLAUGHTER’, she said. Husband Tommy was ‘at the end of his rope’ with the ranching business and ready to sell up but rather than let the cows go elsewhere, Renee encouraged Tommy to take a leap of faith and start a sanctuary. Knowing the huge investment in every herd of cattle, she offered to buy the herd from her husband and with the help of compassionate vegans across the world donating via Indiegogo they achieved it! 

Photo from Instagram @rowdygirlsanctuary

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was born and ever since, the proudly vegan couple have continued to share their unique experiences, vegan way of life, compassionate farming, and veganic gardening with everyday fellow Texans and the world to help make it a better place. Renee is also the founder of the Rancher Advocacy Program, designed to help support farmers who want to transition into non-animal agriculture and help them to find solutions.

Just like any other sanctuary, Rowdy Girl has its fair share of challenges and none more so than in February when Texas faced an extreme winter storm.  The wild weather hammered the sanctuary’s emergency budget and created dire conditions for animals across the state. Renee and her team have done an incredible job during this trying time but right now they need all the support they can get to keep up their work for the animals.

To learn more about their story, and the different ways you can help Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, check out their website or make a donation.

Photo from Instagram @rowdygirlsanctuary

Sanctuary of the Month: Rowdy Girl SanctuarySanctuary of the Month: Rowdy Girl SanctuarySanctuary of the Month: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary
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