Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst has been kicking butt over in Australia, where animal protection issues have been high on the list of priorities in the state of New South Wales.  Thanks to her tireless campaigning and advocacy, the abuse of dolphins in the name of so-called ‘entertainment’ is coming to an end. No more dolphins will be born into an industry with backyard pools, or be forced to do circus-style tricks. New regulations will effectively stop any future dolphin ‘abuse-ment’ park from setting up in NSW and end the breeding of dolphins, whales and porpoises for entertainment. 

Image from emmahurstmp.com

Emma says: ‘These changes were urgently needed to ensure no more animals are born into this collapsing industry.  A dolphin born today could live for up to 50 years, meaning they could still be in a dolphinarium in 2070. The writing is on the wall – these animals were not born to perform. They do not exist for our entertainment. They deserve a life worth living, and NSW has recognised this with these new regulations. Queensland is now the only state in Australia still breeding dolphins for entertainment and it’s a global embarrassment. The Animal Justice Party will be working to get similar Regulations past in QLD – it’s time to #EmptyTheTanks Australia-wide’.

This is just one of the campaigns Emma and her team have been fighting for on behalf of the animals.  To keep up with their incredible and inspiring work, be sure to follow her on Facebook or her main website.

Watch Emma Hurst’s interview with Vegan FTA’s Jackie Norman:

Animal Protection Issues Dominate Australian Parliamentary Agenda
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