Former MTV stuntman and now vegan ultra-endurance athlete and “Dirty Vegan” cookbook author, Mathew Pritchard never does ANYTHING by halves and his latest mission is no different. As we speak, the huge hearted Welshman is well underway in his goal to raise money for animal rescue sanctuary Dean Farm Trust, which he is a patron of, and UK mental health charity Humen by undertaking the world’s toughest row – a mammoth 3200 miles across the Atlantic Ocean unaided.

Their bums are numb, their arms are tired and sore as they row from Lanzarote to Antigua, and as they approach the halfway point Matt and the crew have had their fair share of dramas and challenges along the way. In typical Pritchard style however, the big fella is still smiling.

If you can, please support Mathew and the crew by donating to these two worthy causes, or sending them love and cheering them on via their social media channels.

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Image from Mathew Pritchard on Instagram
Mathew Pritchard Rows 3200 Miles for the Animals
Jackie Norman
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