We are completely head over heels in love right now with an incredibly brave little calf named Jude and an equally courageous piglet named Jean Marie. Both are residents at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, US and have been going through some particularly tough battles. Jude was rescued from a dairy farm where like many male calves, he would otherwise have been disposed of – not least because of his cleft lip and palate. Fortunately the team at Lancaster took him straight to the hospital and everyone was delighted to learn these differences would not interfere with him being able to drink. Unfortunately, he had already picked up many infections from the farm, including Mycoplasma, a bacteria which can cause serious health issues. It probably didn’t help that up until his rescue, he was being kept in a small metal cage outside in the cold, in what the vet described as ‘nasty’ conditions. In Jude’s case however, the bacteria was heavily concentrated in his ears, and despite being on antibiotics for an extended period of time, the bacteria was eating away at his bone and tissue.  

In addition to being attacked by the Mycoplasma, Jude has also had to battle pneumonia, cryptosporidium and bovine coronavirus.  He has undergone multiple surgeries and spent many weeks in hospital fighting for his life but despite being named after the patron saint of lost causes, this beautiful baby has proved himself to be anything but.  He is now home, his health and happiness is improving by the day and he has made many friends. Every precious animal deserves a chance at life and we are so grateful to everyone at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary for doing everything in their power to help Jude overcome his many challenges and enable him to live his best life.  

Photo from Lancaster Farm Sanctuary

As if the team weren’t busy enough caring for Jude, then along came Jean Marie! An emergency rescue like Jude, Jean Marie had fallen off a transport truck and sustained terrible injuries. Both her back legs were broken and by the time help arrived, she had been on her own for a few days and was thin, in shock and covered in cuts and bruises.  She had also developed a respiratory infection. Like Jude, Jean Marie was taken to Cornell Hospital and while she is still there, this little fighter is doing well and can now stand up on her own and can even take a few steps! With luck this beautiful girl will be brought home to start her new life at the sanctuary soon but with possible nerve damage to her left leg there is still a long road ahead to complete recovery.  With the love and care of the Lancaster team however, we are sure the future will be bright for this brave wee piggy!

Photo from Lancaster Farm Sanctuary

Jude and Jean Marie are just two of the gorgeous animals at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. Founded by Sarah Salluzzo and Jonina Turzi, the sanctuary is currently home to rescued cows, horses, pigs, chickens, alpacas, goats, ducks, sheep and turkeys. Sarah and Jonina are motivated by their love for animals, humans and the environment and founded the sanctuary in an effort to provide compassionate connections between humans and the lovely beings typically viewed as mere commodities.

Be sure to check out their Instagram account so you can keep up with Jude and Jean Marie – not to mention Pumpkin the pig, Barbara the chicken and many more! If you are able, please consider a donation to help Lancaster Farm Sanctuary further their important and amazing work.

Watch our video about Jude’s rescue below:

Sanctuary of the Month: Lancaster Farm Sanctuary
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