As animal-free consumption continues to rise, sustainable finance is not far behind. But while these investment opportunities are growing, many interested investors struggle to identify the right opportunities. To tackle this problem and help investors navigate planet-friendly investing, a new investment service has just been launched by our partners at Beyond Animal.

‘Funding by Beyond Animal’ provides opportunities to a range of investor types, including angel networks, family offices, institutional investors and qualified individual investors, with the aim of increasing access and driving capital into planet-conscious companies. Claire Smith, vegan entrepreneur and creator of Beyond Investing, co-founded Beyond Animal in 2018, which has already proved to be an exciting and effective connection platform for businesses and investors.

Leveraging its existing deal database and global network of contacts, Beyond Animal has created a dedicated deal room that allows members to engage and explore a select number of pre-qualified deals. Powered by UK fintech specialists Delio, the platform digitises the investment process and provides a fast and simple way for all interested investors to source and transact on deals.

We can all play a role by investing more sustainably

Claire Smith says, “We can all play a role by investing more sustainably and rebuild the economy in a way that moves beyond the use of animals. The care and opportunities are there, but we need to make them more accessible to today’s investors. Through Funding by Beyond Animal, we make it easier for investors to navigate these opportunities that can bring about a kinder, cleaner, healthier world.”

Investment in the plant-based food industry reached an all-time high last year, totaling $3.1bn – three times the capital raised in the previous year, according to a report by alternative protein advocacy non-profit Good Food Institute. “Animal-friendly investing ticks many boxes for today’s investors, so we knew we had to make these opportunities more accessible”, explains Claire. “Through this new investment platform, we’ve been able to curate a list of companies that are raising funds and which show real potential, in one digital space. Investors can browse companies across market segments like seafood, meat and dairy alternatives, cruelty-free cosmetics, bio-based materials and ethical fashion, read their investment decks and conduct due diligence in a much more flexible, approachable and appealing way.”

David Newman, co-founder and chief commercial officer at Delio, said: “Today’s investors are much more entrepreneurial and want to align their investments with their personal beliefs and experiences. This type of investing isn’t just limited to the eco-conscious or those on plant-based diets. Instead, companies like Beyond Animal show we all can reshape our investment portfolios by placing capital in more sustainable businesses that normalise a humane economy.”

For more information, visit www.beyondanimal.com

Animal-Free Economy Continues to Accelerate With New Investment Platform