With a shocking 70% market share, the European Union is the number one global producer of fox and mink fur. 5000 fur farms in the E.U., located over 22 countries, make up 50% of fur production worldwide. Switzerland alone imports around 400,000kg of fur every year.

These figures are just a small portion of the evidence that taking action on a legislative scale is long overdue, and this petition is the first step towards change.

Norway is leading the movement towards a fur-free Europe with its bid to ban fur farms, the new law taking full effect by 2025. 

Each year 700,000 minks and 110,000 foxes are born and bred in abysmal conditions to feed our desire for fashionable winter-wear. They are executed either by anal electrocution or gassing, and sometimes are even mercilessly skinned alive.

Although the E.U. has strict regulations in place for treatment of animals and the conditions they are to be kept in for farming, many farms do not abide by these and thousands of animals are separated from their mothers at birth and made to suffer in tight cages until they are ready to be skinned.

photo by Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals

Nowadays, faux fur technology is so advanced that real fur should have become obsolete, if not for moral argument, then for its much higher price point compared to the sustainable alternatives available. In fact, many luxury brands have determined this economical advantage and increased their vegan products by 258% in the UK and US alone. The E.U. must follow this trend and end fur farming and fur import permanently.

With about 5,000 supporters, the “Ban Fur Farming and Fur Import in the European Union” petition needs 95,000 more signatures to reach its goal!

Sign and share this petition and let us work together towards a future where we live alongside our furry friends rather than wear them.

Petition: Ban Fur Farming in the European Union
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