Vegan fried chick*n company VFC is celebrating a whopping 10,000 chickens lives being spared, in just four months since the UK-based launched it’s plant based, cruelty free alternative.  Their mouthwatering Vegan Fried Chick*n bundles can be delivered to homes anywhere in the UK and are also rapidly popping up in stores in other countries across the world.  Vegan FTA’s Sarah and Mikey are huge fans of the Spicy Bites but they all taste great!  Founded by Veganuary’s Matthew Glover, together with chef Adam Lyons, the pair have a simple mission – to take on the chicken industry – and it’s working.  If you haven’t come across the brand yet, their social media pages are often hilarious, as the team deal with trolls who can’t get their heads around the fact it is actually possible to enjoy deep fried Southern chicken – without the chicken.  

Why are they tracking chicken lives spared?

“Because we care about chickens. Sparing their suffering is the main reason we set up the company,” they stated in a recent article. “Their lives are our most important metric and our biggest motivation for scaling our business.”

At VFC they never lose sight of their ‘why’ – their reason for creating VFC in the first place and again, they share this in a very unique and impactful way.  In their video series, ‘Five Farms’, Matthew takes first well-known activist Joey Carbstrong undercover to visit a factory farm, followed by actress Evanna Lynch to witness the horrific reality of life (if you can call it that) of the majority of chickens raised for meat in the UK, and indeed around the world.  These short segments are hard to watch, but so important that people do watch and share.  Thanks to the team at VFC, the public are waking up.  

As we publish this article their counter rests at 11,242, but they plan on saving millions of lives in the years to come. You can keep an eye on the counter on their website https://www.vfc.co.uk.

Watch the latest episode of their “Five Farms” series where vegan YouTuber Plantbasedleon visits a typical UK factory farm.

Vegan Fried Chick*n Company Has Saved Over 10,000 Chickens
Vegan FTA's Jackie Norman is a freelance writer of more than 20 years, specialising in food, travel, simple living and vegan/environmental issues. An ex-beef and dairy farmer prior to going vegan, Jackie puts her years of experience to good use, by speaking out globally for the animals and opening the eyes of others to the horror and reality of the dairy and beef industries.