He’s done it!  Our favourite TV chef and all-round awesome bloke, ‘Dirty Vegan’ Mathew Pritchard has successfully rowed 3,200 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, from Lanzarote to Antigua, to raise money for animal sanctuary Dean Farm Trust and men’s mental health charity, Humen

Matt and the crew of four rowed for seven-and-a-half weeks, taking it in turns to row in four-hour shifts.  The trip wasn’t without its share of dramas, including a false start when the guys first set off, only to have to halt the voyage so the boat could get urgent repairs.  Matt was also forced to take a few days out from rowing towards the end of the trip, after pulling a lateral muscle and was laid up in agony with nothing but a few painkillers on board. 

Image from Instagram @pritchardswyd

But they saw dolphins, turtles, marlin and many other unforgettable sights while at sea and at last Matt is home safe and happily reunited with his best pal, Lemmy. What an amazing achievement and wonderful advocate for the animals. We love Matt and look forward to chatting with him all about his experience once he’s got used to walking properly on land again!

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Matt Pritchard Completes Epic Row for the Animals
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