On 2nd June cruelty-free cosmetics pioneer The Body Shop announced that it would go totally vegan by the end of 2023. All its products will be accredited by The Vegan Society – the global benchmark for all things vegan – and carry its official trademark. The certification process is extremely thorough and will involve the extensive testing of suppliers, manufacturers and raw materials, which in The Body Shop’s case is over 3700.

Beginning its journey as an animal-cruelty-free business, The Body Shop has been campaigning for animal rights for over 30 years and its products are 100% vegetarian, with over 60% actually being vegan already. Beeswax and honey are the main culprits in their non-vegan products, yet they have stopped using them in their new range and will be swapping them for vegan alternatives in their older products.

Image from © The Body Shop

With its strong environmental and sustainability goals, going vegan is the next natural step for The Body Shop, says Global Brand Director, Lionel Thoreau. The Body Shop will also be extending its “Return, Recycle & Repeat” scheme across 400 worldwide locations this year and another 400 next year, in order to make it easier for customers to cut down on their plastic use. In fact, the company strives to be fully recyclable by 2025 and wants to make refill stations the status quo in your average shopper’s life.

Founded by Dame Anita Roddick in Brighton, England in 1976, The Body Shop has been advocating animal-free testing (amongst many other commendable causes) since its inception and will now be the very first global beauty brand to go completely vegan certified.

The Body Shop Plans To Be Fully Vegan by 2023