The genius behind this revolutionary invention is Edge Dolphin Spirit. 

These visionaries want to “Imagine a world where dolphins and whales are no longer held in captivity” and are doing their part – and asking yours –  in making it happen!

Sea mammals held in captivity live only a fragment of the life they would be living in the wild. These highly sociable and pod-oriented animals are torn away from their families and an entire ocean to swim in, just to be confined to a small, shallow tank performing tricks for humans.

Captivity strains animals both physically and mentally: the chemicals used to clean water tanks can cause their skin to peel off and even blind them; their sonar waves that usually help them navigate by bouncing off objects in their environment now only bounce off the tank walls, driving them to insanity; starving and isolation are commonly used in their training; 100% of male orcas in captivity have a collapsed dorsal fin, compared to the 1% in the wild; a 30-year study of captive marine animals found federal documents stating the cause of death of over 2400 animals as “uniquely human hazards or seemingly avoidable causes”.

The list goes on. If these facts and figures aren’t horrifying enough, the 2013 movie Blackfish shocked the world with its exposing of SeaWorld’s common orca practices and brings to light how mentally stressed these imprisoned creatures truly are.

With over 3000 dolphins being held in captivity today, it is clear there is a desire to learn about and experience them in real life. Yet, it is time to ask ourselves why our education, entertainment and admiration is still at the expense of the animals we love so much? 

These extremely lifelike robots are worth up to $5 million and are made by the same company who made the sea creatures in the movies “Free Willy” and “Deep Blue Sea”, using medical grade silicone.

The people at Edge Innovations have set up a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming show in the summer of 2022, where a robot dolphin will be debuting an acrobatics show in place of a real one! 

Share, support and donate to contribute to the happy, free life of our aquatic friends.

Watch It’s a World Out of Balance with Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson:

Could Robot Dolphins End the Captive Dolphin Trade?

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