Continuing the trend of finding plant-based alternatives to pretty much everything, we’re excited to learn that California startup MeliBio has begun making “bee-less” honey. And no, it’s not just “honey-flavored” syrup. 

This revolutionary product will be available from MeliBio toward the end of 2021 and into the new year. It is sourced domestically in the US to help keep their carbon footprint low. Inspired by light clover honey, the product is expected to be available in different varieties in the future. 

Some customers wonder how the product can be called a “honey” without any actual honey or bees. MeliBio keeps this information under lock and key but has stated that “plant science” is involved as they pursue a patent.

Commercial honey production can be very harmful to the environment in addition to the harm it causes bees. By reducing the stress on our bees, MeliBio hopes their effort can restore bee biodiversity amongst native and wild bees worldwide. As Veg News pointed out, “honey is not a critical food source for humans; bees are crucial for maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance.”

There’s also massive potential to grow as there are so many products which use honey that good make use of this bee-less honey to make vegan versions that don’t harm bees or the environment.