From chimpanzees to lab-grown meat, renowned primatologist, Jane Goodall has been announced as the narrator for the upcoming documentary, Meat The Future. The documentary originally premiered in Canada at the Hot Docs Film Festival in 2020, but is being updated to include narration from Jane Goodall.

In this 88-minute documentary, the journey of Upside Foods’ cultured meat business and its effects on the environment are explored. 

Cell-based or clean meat – as cultured meat is also known – is animal meat prepared by direct cultivation of animal cells. No animals are harmed in the process of creating cultured meat, which is why the subject is so intriguing. 

Upside Foods has come a long way since its debut with a cultured beef meatball back in 2016. Ringing in at $18,000/lb, the company has been working on refining the process and just a year later, produced cultured chicken fillets and duck a l’orange at half the cost. 

This documentary examines the intricacies of the industry, including consumer perceptions and regulatory barriers, and shows how cultured meat can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to animal meat production. It is especially relevant now that more and more consumers are trying to eat less meat as they increasingly choose plant-based alternatives. The climate crisis is causing consumers worldwide to prefer sustainable foods over animal products that are more environmentally harmful.