PlantX, the Canadian plant-based one-stop-shop e-commerce site founded by the vegan entrepreneur Sea Dollinger in 2019, has opened a 4,500-square-foot super grocery store called XMarket in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, California. The huge store, which includes a café and sandwich shop, sells all sorts of vegan food, as well as cosmetics, wellness products, and indoor plants. 

Ahead of the launch, Sean Dollinger said: “The grand opening event celebrating our XMarket store in Hillcrest is yet another opportunity to increase our company’s profile.” 

Vegan restaurateur Matthew Kenney has created the food for the café, which includes waffle-based avocado toast, a focaccia bun with Miyoko’s Creamery mozzarella, and a bánh mì with braised tempeh. It also serves local pastries from Pan el Barro, The Gluten Free Bakery Co., and Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen.

This is the third store PlantX has opened in the US (after one in Squamish, BC, and the other in Venice, CA) and it has plans to open more in Canada and even in Israel

In 2021 PlantX acquired Kenney’s vegan convenience store brand New Deli in Venice, CA. Kenney said to VegNews: “It was always our intent to build New Deli into the ultimate plant-based convenience store brand and ultimately align with a growth partner to expand it through various global markets, rather than grow it on our own

PlantX is growing very fast. It’s already listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “VEGA” and has now applied to list its common shares on the NASDAQ. Veganism is becoming so mainstream that vegan supermarkets like this one are likely to be seen more often all over the world. The days where Berlin was the only place you could find a big vegan supermarket are well gone.

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