The last three dogs rescued in 2007 from the dogfighting ring of disgraced former NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s, have peacefully died in the company of their new companion guardians who looked after them for the rest of their lives as loved family members. Uba died the first week in October 2021, Jonny Justice in December, and Frodo three days later. 

After he was rescued from the dogfighting ring, Frodo was adopted when he was around one-year-old by Kim Ramirez and her daughter Dominique in California. Bad Rap,  a non-profit formed in 1999 in Oakland to help Pitbulls type dogs in the San Francisco bay area, said to the Daily Mail that Frodo was one of the ‘most accomplished’ so-called Vick’s dogs because he overcame such a traumatic youth (Ramirez said that at first Frodo suffered from nightmares and cried regularly). He was compassionately put down at the age of 15 by his adoptive family after his health began to decline. He was the last of 48 survivors from the bullfighting ring.

Cris Cohen and Jen Long were the kind people who volunteer to look after Jonny Justice, a black-and-white pitbull with a black-ringed right eye. He became a popular Paws for Tales helper at San Mateo libraries. 

Letti de Little from Virginia adopted Uba after the rescue, and he became a little celebrity when he was featured in numerous media stories (photos of him peacefully napping with cats and other dogs started his “media” career). He lived with Jamie, another survivor dog from another dogfighting case.

Michael Vick eventually pleaded guilty and served 19 months in a federal prison for running an interstate dogfighting ring through his Bad Newz Kennels in Smithfield, Va. Apart from the suffering during the fights, dogs that did not perform well in training were unscrupulously killed by various methods, including drowning and hanging. 

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