After concluding that she did not post any security risk, Henny Penny, who had been spotted on 31st January 2022 wandering near the closely guarded Pentagon, the headquarters of the US defence establishment, will not be prosecuted and will be taken to a safe home where her death sentence will be commuted. The specific checkpoint where the potential trespassing occurred cannot be revealed for security reasons. 

Little is known about where she came from, but the most likely scenario is that she escaped from her captors who probably planned to kill her. Or perhaps she escaped from a vehicle on its way to an execution site. Another hypothesis is that she was trying to report the theft of her property, but due to the fact nobody seemed to care about her ordeal, she attempted to reach a higher authority. The truth may never be known as the Pentagon has decided not to investigate further.

The name Henny Penny was given to her by those who found her wandering into the Pentagon’s security area, not quite realising where she was going. Confused and unable to communicate in the language of her rescuers, she was given that name based on the popular folk tale.

A spokesperson of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington said that the lucky hen will be sent to live at a local animal sanctuary, the proper shelter for those of her kind. Hopefully, she will live a long life in peace there, and no more of her eggs will be stolen.