Do you love listening to podcasts?  We do!  Vegan podcasts are such a great way to learn more about the movement, activism and the activists out there doing it. Listening to podcasts is also a valuable way to remind ourselves that when we’re feeling full of despair and a vegan world seems like an impossible eternity away, there is a wealth of amazing people out there doing everything in their power to create change – and winning. Here are some of our favourites right now!

In no particular order:

  1. Sentientism.  A brilliant and fascinating podcast hosted by Jamie Woodhouse. Want a philosophy or worldview that’s grounded in reality and has compassion for all sentient beings? Then Sentientism promises a great listen. In this podcast, you’ll hear about “what’s real” and “what matters” from a wide range of celebrities, academics, activists, writers and many more. If you like the podcast, don’t stop there!  Find out more at the Sentientism website or join one of Jamie’s open-to-all, global community groups, such as Facebook.
  1. Radicals and Revolutionaries.  Hosted by Jake Conroy (aka The Cranky Vegan) and Tylor Starr, this podcast is an absolute treat for your ears.  Radicals and Revolutionaries is an oral history podcast exploring the roots, the radicals and the revolutionaries of direct action movements. Social justice movements have always embraced a wide variety of strategies and tactics to move their struggles forward, including direct action. The idea of taking action to immediately stop an opposing action, often using illegal and controversial tactics, has forever been the focus of debate, even amongst its participants. But who are the people who were there in the beginning?  What pushed them to think outside the box? What got them to take illegal actions, face years of prison and be scrutinized by both their enemies and friends? As we work to learn from our collective histories in order to have more successful futures, it’s more important than ever to hear the origin stories from those who created them.  An inspiring broadcast you will not want to miss and promises to get you even more fired up to help the animals.
  1. How it all VEGAN.  Not began, but vegan!  Hosted by another much-loved activist in the movement, ‘The Vegan Sheepdog’, real name Chris Peed. If there’s one thing vegans love, it’s hearing what it was that made another person go vegan, whether it be a ‘boom!’ moment that triggered everything or a long and winding journey.  How it all VEGAN is a brand new podcast dedicated to just that, sharing those inspirational journeys. It doesn’t stop there, however!  Chris and his diverse range of interesting guests take a really deep dive into that connection, sharing their experiences, triumphs, mistakes and much more. Chris says he hopes that sharing others’ stories will help someone else start their own vegan journey, so be sure to listen and share!
  1. Off the Leash.  If there is a current animal welfare issue that needs talking about, you can be sure Charlie Moores and Dominic Dyer have got something to say about it. This passionate and outspoken duo are among Britain’s leading wildlife campaigners, authors and broadcasters.  With talks and interviews on a MASSIVE range of local and global topics from big issues to less well-known but no less important, this pair is always right up with the play and bang on the money.  Be sure to subscribe to their emails too, for the latest goings-on.
  1. The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM.  Yes, the fantastic folk at the Animal Activism Mentorship have a podcast, and it’s great!  Hosted by activists extraordinaire, Trey Morrow and Shriya Swaminathan, ‘The Animal Liberation Hour’ seeks insight from animal rights and liberation activists around the world so that we can think, reflect, learn, and be inspired. With a fantastic line-up of guests and an impressive variety of topics, we can vouch it definitely does all that.  If you haven’t already visited the AAM website, we can highly recommend checking that out too, to learn even more about how to become an empowered advocate for the animals.

  1. The Sentient Media Podcast.  Seriously, how awesome are Sentient Media? Everything they do is quality and their podcast is no different.  Join host Ana Bradley as she talks in-depth with some of the best known and loved activists from around the world, revealing the truth about farmed animals, our broken food system, justice, the environment, culture, and more.  Keep up with their latest news updates and campaigns too, via their website.
  1. The Viva!  Vegan Podcast.  With this podcast, you can take your pick from a full-length interview to a snappy minisode comprising of a 10-minute round-up of vegan news and politics!  Co-hosted by Viva!’s head of comms, Faye Lewis, and head of investigations, Lex Rigby, each podcast episode features an in-depth interview with a special guest, breaking down the interviewee’s vegan journey and recounting their highs and lows – followed by a candid chat between Faye and Lex on – well, pretty much everything really! No matter where you are in your vegan journey, there’ll be something for you here.
  1. Animal Matters. You may not have heard of this one before but it is well worth tuning in to!  Animal Matters is SAFE’s fortnightly podcast about all things animal rights and the issues impacting animals in New Zealand and around the world. Host Will Appelbe is joined by a wide range of well known advocates to discuss the latest current affairs impacting animals, the decisions of policymakers and government, and the complexities that surround the exploitation of animals.
  1. The Healthification Podcast. Do not be fooled by the name, this podcast is ALL about the animals too, and so is its fantastic host, Kate Galli!  One of the many reasons we love this podcast is because Kate really goes out of her way to have not just informative, but different conversations with her many guests compared to the many ‘usual’ questions (her guest list is impressive too, you’ll have plenty to listen to for a good while!)
  1. Hope for the Animals. Who better to learn about animal rights topics than activist of more than 30 years, Hope Bohanec?  In this podcast, Hope covers a variety of farmed animal issues including the ethical, environmental, spiritual, heartbreaking and heartwarming aspects of living vegan. She also has engaging conversations with special guests focusing on critical reasons for living a vegan lifestyle and covering current topics such as the humane hoax and effective communication and outreach advocating for chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, goats and other farm animals. 

And of course, we can’t forget one honorable mention – our very own Vegan FTA  Activist podcast!  If you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a listen, we’d love your feedback.

So many fantastic vegan podcasts, so little time! What’s your favourite?