We warmly invite you to the European Vegan Summit, the first of its kind event in Europe, where activists, politicians, representatives of media, business, science and non-governmental organizations come together on one virtual stage.

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About the organizer of EVS – Green REV Institute

We are pleased to announce that Green REV Institute, the first vegan think-tank in Poland, bringing together people who want to change and build the world according to the values of respect and empathy for human and non-human animals and climate, is the organizer of the European Vegan Summit – EVS. It is the only international event that brings together the worlds of politics, activism, media, science, and business.

When, where & how to join EVS

The European Vegan Summit will take place from 15th-18th of September as an online event and will be fully hosted on Beyond Animal, an independent platform dedicated to vegan content. The event will be entirely conducted in English. To join it, register on the site and confirm your participation in the event.

Structure of the European Vegan Summit

EVS consists of 12 panel discussions on the topics of activism, the plant-based business sector, media, science and politics. In addition, EVS has 3 film sessions planned: the premiere screening of Listen To Vegan Start-Ups (2022) and Vegan Warsaw (2021) directed by Dr. Marcin Anaszewicz and Anna Spurek, and Milked (2021) by Amy Taylor.

EVS is the Green REV Institute’s response to the ethical, climate and health crisis

EVS is an event organized in response to the ethical, climate and health crisis caused by inefficient and ineffective food policies. It is a meeting place for inspiring people who believe that only a future without animal exploitation can be the answer to the challenges posed by the climate catastrophe. These 4 days of conversation and reflection will allow us to clearly connect the dots between the world of human rights, animal rights and environmental protection in light of veganism.

Faces of EVS

The event will feature key figures from European and global pro-animal politics – Member of the European Parliament Dr. Sylwia Spurek, MEP Francisco Guerreiro, NSW Parliament Animal Rights Rep. Emma Hurst, global animal rights activist movement Dr. Anita Krajnc, Jennifer Stojkovic, Dariusz Gzyra, Catalina Salazar, Lara Pappers, Georges Hayek, Oliver Morice, representatives of the plant-based business – Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, Claire Smith, Piotr Grabowski, Mary Jähnke, and the world of science – Prof. Andrzej Elżanowski, Prof. Piotr Rzymski, Prof. Marcin Urbaniak and Dorota Sumińska, and many other speakers active for animals and the climate.

A warm invitation to EVS

You are cordially invited to attend the first event of its kind. EVS is a real chance to exchange reflections, develop strategies and meet people who fight for animal and environmental justice with their actions every day. Let’s get to know each other and educate each other together about vegan entrepreneurship, supporting vegan activist individuals, women, the role of the media, and what the EU can do to save the planet and billions of animals.

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The event is under the patronage of the European Parliament. It is supported by more than 40 organizations and partners from around the world.