World Animal Day is celebrated every October 4. The date was declared in 1929 at a congress in Vienna in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, although it is not linked to religious affiliations only.

The initial objective of this date was to remember the importance of species conservation and draw attention to the growing number of animals in danger of extinction. However, over time, it has become an opportunity to spread respect for all animals regardless of their condition and call for action in their defense.

Every year, trillions of animals are exploited and subjected daily so we can consume products derived from their bodies, carry out experiments with them or entertain ourselves with their suffering. The vast majority of them are cruelly treated and killed while still very young. Many of them do not even reach the destination that the industry had for them and are discarded as spoiled objects.

Those animals that live in freedom, including humans, are also affected by the exploitation of their fellows. The raising of animals for human consumption is among the main causes of deforestation, water and soil contamination and global warming, which seriously affects habitat loss and results in unhealthy ecosystems for all species, putting us all in danger.

We can act in favor of all animals, choosing to be vegan. All animals, regardless of their shape, size or condition, deserve to live fully and free from exploitation.

Mati Nuñez del Prado Alanes
Matilde Nuñez del Prado Alanes is from La Paz, Bolivia. She made her thesis in Sociology on cockfighting, as a result of an undercover investigation in the field for 4 years, and she is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Critical Theory. Her topics of interest are the relationships between humans and other sentient animals from the perspective of Critical Animal Studies, the socio-ecological issues, and the intersectionality between different forms of oppression, domination and exploitation.