Body positivity champion pop star Lizzo has been actively promoting vegan food by sharing tips, favorite recipes and vegan food with her over 25 million TikTok followers. Lizzo opens up about body shaming to Vanity Fair: “I’m not a vegan to lose weight, I just feel better when I eat plants.” “Is my music and my weight so intrinsically connected that if I were to lose weight, I’d lose fans or lose validity? I don’t care! I lead a very healthy lifestyle – mentally, spiritually, I try to keep everything I put in my body super clean.” 

Lizzo’s obviously feeling better since switching to vegan diet in 2020 after being vegetarian for 7 years that She even donated her song “Good As Hell” to PETA’s New vegan campaign video: Eat Good Feel Good which is now an anthem song for going vegan. 

Vegan Celebrities is a Big Plus in Vegan Campaigns

Vegan and plant-based celebrities or influencers play a big important part in progressing our vegan and animal rights campaign, regardless if they’re the dietary type or ethical type of vegan, and this is because they are able to easily influence their followers to adapt to the vegan lifestyle. In 2015, a Harvard review looked at the influence of celebrities on people’s attitudes and behaviours. The author, academic researcher Julie Doyle, said celebrity dialogue around veganism “offers the potential for a previously stigmatized practice … to achieve mainstream credibility.” This could, in turn, have an effect on the planet, she notes.

Along a similar vein, a 2009 survey found that one in four teenagers admit to being more influenced by celebrities than people they know. 

Even though a minority of vegans may comment and criticise vegan celebrities for being food-focused and call them plant-based rather than vegan for not doing more to educate people about animal rights and why it’s not right to be part of their suffering regardless if there’s a delicious food available. Such matters can be thought of as being in the educational-aspect vegan outreach as opposed to the campaigning aspect, where the focus is mainly on actions can really help influence the a large number of people to go vegan. It is in this aspect that celebrities can help big time in advancing veganism.

Lizzo is not just a three-time Grammy Award-winner, she also gained over 25 million TikTok followers by promoting body positivity, feeling good about yourself regardless if your’e not the image of perfection in our society. She and her music help a lot of people feel embraced and loved regardless of their shape or form and help them understand self-love by first having a positive outlook within oneself and keeping it real in order to be a progressive individual.  It must be the reason why PETA added her to the list of the 20 most Beautiful Vegan Celebrities of 2021. 

Lizzo also promotes and speaks about love and loving one another without judgment of how they look and all which resonates with many people who are also suffering and in need of empowerment and could be the reason why her fanbase just keeps on growing so fast because of much love felt pouring out of her vibe in addition to her amazing talent and upbeat danceable music. What’s more is that she chooses to promote a vegan diet which greatly helps the vegan movement.

Angelik "Angel" of VeganFTA Philippines and Vegan FTA Global team is a Social media creative manager based in Davao, Philippines. She has a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts, and loves Nature, Sea sands, Music and Arts. She's a busy bee mother and also her children's home schooling teacher.