The consumption of animals for food has negative consequences for the environment, for your health and, especially, for the animals. Being vegan is a great way to reduce all that damage but sometimes it can be difficult to take the step. The new app ‘Your Beet’ could help people transition to a more healthy, sustainable and personalized vegan diet. 

About 70 billion land animals are killed for meat each year. Marine animals are so many they are counted in TONS and not as individuals. In 2018, an estimated 69 billion chickens, 1.5 billion pigs, 656 million turkeys, 574 million sheep, 479 million goats, and 302 million cows died. That same year, the world production of marine animals on farms reached 82.1 million tons and another 96.4 million tons were captured from the wild. Approximately 8.6 million tons of marine animals were incidentally caught and returned DEAD to the sea, including dolphins, sharks and turtles.

Furthermore, animal agriculture has an extremely negative impact on the environment and is inefficient compared to the production of vegetables, mushrooms and algae that can be consumed directly. 77% of agricultural land is used for the production of animals for food, which contributes to deforestation and loss of biodiversity worldwide. The water footprint per gram of beef protein is 6 times larger than for pulses, and that’s not counting the amount of water that is contaminated in the production process. In addition, animal agriculture is responsible for at least 51% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Besides all the planetary damage they cause, animal products can be harmful to your health. Its consumption has been associated with autoimmune diseases, different types of cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

Eating a plant-based diet is good for you, the planet and the animals, but the consumption of animal products is so ingrained in many cultures that giving them up can be a difficult step. However, you are not alone in this process!

Your Beet is a totally free app, available for Apple users, designed to help you in your transition to a vegan lifestyle. It was created by Anastasia Tromifova, based in Stockholm, and it’s updated by an entirely women team. Due to its effectiveness, the app was selected by the Spotify founders’ foundation Brilliant Minds for the Brilliant Innovator award (only 8 out of 3000 global startups get selected).

The app adapts to personal goals and offers weekly recommendations according to them. You can find personalized recipes based on your tastes and needs, and access an easy overview of your nutritional intake. In addition to the personal benefits it brings, Your Beet helps you to maintain a climate-friendly and cruelty-free diet.

Dare to change your life and that of animals! Take the Vegan for Life Pledge to save animals, your health, & the planet, and download Your Beet to make the process easier!

Scrambled Tofu with Veggies / Instagram: @itsyourbeet