Vegans all around the world are encouraged to participate in World Food Healers Day, with the aim of helping to provide at least a billion people across the globe with a free vegan meal on November 19th.

‘World Food Healers Day aims to usher in a new Climate Healing era where nutritious healthy vegan meals are freely available to every human being on the planet’, explains Climate Healers Executive Director, Dr Sailesh Rao.  ‘Global hunger is a choice we make three times a day when we consume animal products since our domestic animals consume almost FIVE times as much food as all humans do. Yet the mainstream discourse on global hunger fails to connect the dots beyond COVID, Climate and Conflict to the root underlying cause, which is animal agriculture.’

A win-win for humans, animals and the planet

‘The COVID pandemic arose from a meat market or from a laboratory experimenting on animals. We’ve shown that animal agriculture is the leading cause of Climate change, responsible for at least 87% of greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis. Finally, the Sanskrit word for Conflict or war translates to the “desire for more cows.”

The answer is for the world to stop eating animals and animal secretions and to start making access to free, healthy whole-foods plant-based vegan meals a basic human right. Not only will this allow people to produce ample food locally for their own consumption, but it will also tackle climate change and global hunger holistically.  World Food Healers Day will aim to catalyze a global grassroots movement dedicated to identifying, implementing and educating the public about holistic solutions to ensure all communities around the world have resilient, local and plant-based food sources that regenerate the biosphere and heal the climate.’

How you can take part in World Food Healers Day

There are many ways you can participate in World Food Healers Day.  For more information, visit World Food Healers Day  for ideas, recipes and inspiration to help you make a difference in your own area, and beyond.