In December 2022, Data for Progress conducted a poll assessing voters’ perspectives on a national fur ban and found that over half of voters support a fur ban, including 66% of Democrats, 51% of Independents, and 46% of Republicans. They also found that 73% of the 1,287 likely national voters polled are at least a little concerned about the use of animal fur in clothes, with 86% of Democrats, 68% of Independents, and 63% of Republicans sharing such concerns. This suggests that the support for a ban is bipartisan enough to expect federal legislation could be passed in the not-too-distant future. 

The survey showed an 11-point increase in support for a national fur ban when options to ban fur over time were included. The researchers asked voters whether they would support an immediate ban on fur that shuts down fur sales and production right away, a ban on fur that phases out fur sales and production over time, or if they would not support a national fur sales and production ban at all. When given the option between an immediate or phased ban on fur as opposed to just asking about attitudes toward a national fur ban overall, more voters showed their support for a ban.

Across the US, 12 cities have already implemented a fur ban, including Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, and Boulder. Washington D.C. is currently debating the issue. In December, the D.C. Council heard oral arguments on Bill 24-0758, the Fur Products Prohibition Act of 2022. The EU has also been pressured to ban fur production across its 27 nations, most of which have already banned fur farming. 

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