Pigs are one of the most exploited animals historically. The meat industry kills about 1.5 billion pigs every year around the world. In other words, every day, at least 4 million pigs are killed for human consumption. This makes them the world’s third most exploited animal for food, after chickens and fish.

But the problem is not only the number of pigs that lose their lives without any need; the worst is the abuse these animals have to face in their short lives. Most of them live in extreme confinement. This causes some animals to try cannibalism due to stress. For this reason, it’s common for babies to have their tails, teeth, and testicles removed without anesthesia. Sows used as ‘breeders’, as if they were live incubators, are primarily kept in cages so small that they don’t even allow them to turn their whole body and it is even difficult for them to stand up. The most common is that none of these animals receive medical attention, which causes many to die before being killed, after suffering from some disease.

In addition to all this, it must be taken into account that pork meat comes mostly from babies and worn-out mothers. Domesticated pigs can live for around 20 years under good conditions, while the meat industry kills babies as young as 3-6 months. Exploited mothers, on the other hand, are killed when they are 2 or 3 years old, when their abusers consider that their productivity is insufficient, after having been forcibly inseminated over and over again throughout their sad and short existence.

Every March 1st is National Pig Day in the United States, but it shouldn’t be a day of celebration, but rather of shame and regret. Although China is the world’s largest pork producer, the United States is not far behind, ranking third with a production of almost 28 billion pounds of pork per year. It is estimated that in that country alone, nearly 130 million pigs are killed each year to become food; 98% of them are raised on factory farms.

Pigs are intelligent, sensitive, sociable, and emotional individuals with unique personalities. The least they deserve is a decent life free of exploitation. It’s time to stop this unjust massacre and put them off the menu.

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Matilde Nuñez del Prado Alanes is from La Paz, Bolivia. She made her thesis in Sociology on cockfighting, as a result of an undercover investigation in the field for 4 years, and she is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Critical Theory. Her topics of interest are the relationships between humans and other sentient animals from the perspective of Critical Animal Studies, the socio-ecological issues, and the intersectionality between different forms of oppression, domination and exploitation.