Film Directors Stephanie Soechtig and Kristin Lazure are planning to create a feature-length sequel to the famous vegan documentary The Game Changers.  These directors, who have worked on films such as Fed Up, Knock Down the House, and The Devil We Know, will now work in partnership with LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s production company SpringHill Entertainment.

SpringHill creates content for the digital media platform Uninterrupted, where athletes tell their stories in their own words. James and Carter will also be executive producers on the Game Changers sequel, alongside Jamal Henderson and Philip Byron.

James Wilks, producer and star of the film, said, “With The SpringHill Company’s unparalleled track record fusing athlete-led storytelling with the progressive subject matter — plus Stephanie and Kristin’s expert ability to weave compelling personal narratives with hard-hitting investigative journalism — we couldn’t be more thrilled about this team.” 

The original Game Changers documentary was released in 2018 and later became a hit when shown on Netflix —it has now been watched by more than 100 million viewers. The documentary highlights the health benefits of having a plant-based diet, with a particular focus on athletes. James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Novak Djokovic, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, and Chris Paul were all executive producers of the original film. The Game Changers sequel will build on the message of the first film, looking at the impact of a plant-based diet on food justice, the environment, children’s health, and athletic performance. An “A-list cast” of entertainers and athletes is expected to feature in the new film too, which should broaden its appeal and have the same effect the original documentary had in persuading people to move away from animal food. It is not known when the new documentary will be released. 

Jordi Casamitjana
“Originally from Catalonia, but resident in the UK for several decades, Jordi is a vegan zoologist and author, who has been involved in different aspects of animal protection for many years. In addition to scientific research, he has worked mostly as an undercover investigator, animal welfare consultant, and animal protection campaigner. He has been an ethical vegan since 2002, and in 2020 he secured the legal protection of all ethical vegans in Great Britain from discrimination in a landmark employment tribunal case that was discussed all over the world. He is also the author of the book, ‘Ethical Vegan: a personal and political journey to change the world’.