Boston, the little wild piglet who survived a tragedy when he became an orphan in Australia, has found a new family at Moo to Ewe Farm Sanctuary on the Australian Central Coast. He was rescued by a vet from SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital of Australia) after hunters killed his mother and sibling just before Easter 2023. He was then adopted by the sanctuary in April, where he receives love and care from his human and animal friends.

Boston was less than two months old when he arrived at the sanctuary, and he enjoys drinking milk, eating sweet potatoes and porridge, and cuddling in the straw. He also likes to spend time with other pigs at the sanctuary, in particular his friend Ivy. He is a happy and cheerful boy who reminds everyone of the values of life and compassion.

In an Instagram post of 3rd June 2023, the sanctuary wrote, “Happy, happy, boy Boston loving the cooler sun, loving his sweet potato and loving his visits with Ivy! He’s a cheery reminder of why we do what we do.”

Moo to Ewe Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that provides a haven for rescued farm animals. It’s the forever home to cows, sheeps, alpacas, goats, pigs, chickens, and an abundance of native wildlife. The aim is to educate and connect humanity to non-human living, loving individuals and provide the resources to live with kindness and ethical actions at the forefront of daily choices. They welcome visitors who want to meet their animals and support their cause. The sanctuary is within the heart of the Central Coast, one hour from Newcastle and 90 minutes from Sydney, Australia.

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