On 7th June 2023, a new plant-based supermarket opened its doors in Sneinton, a suburb of Nottingham, UK. Called Lime Green Organic Vegan, it offers hundreds of products, including fruits, vegetables, snacks, cereals, alcoholic drinks, cleaning products, and a frozen section. The supermarket is located near the city centre, on Gedling Street, just across from Sneinton Market. 

It has been founded by Nedjet Kaya, who also operates another local supermarket called Murat Food Centre, but as he received repeated requests for vegan products, eventually decided to open a plant-based store. Mr Kaya said to Nottingham Post, “We have a selection of organic wines and beers which are gluten-free and vegan and juices too. Murats opened last year and that has been busy, we have customers coming in asking for gluten-free and vegan products, I listened and thought I’d do this [open the new supermarket] myself…We’re in the right location, this is the city centre, in Nottingham people travel to the city all the time – this is the right position. Our prices are good, we try our best to be fair.”

A Google reviewer of the supermarket said, “Absolutely incredible new food space, not only is it catering towards a vegan market and the more health conscious but it also covers organic, gluten-free, various allergy-free items, and non-alcoholic ranges…Have to say this is certainly something that I’m quite pleased to see because it means one place you can go to grab a lot of more hard-to-find or other items, which when it comes to cooking can be great for kind of mixing things up and trying new things.”

However, it is not clear whether the supermarket is fully vegan yet, as the Nottingham Post reported that it sells honey, and perhaps there may be other products, such as some alcoholic drinks, that may not be suitable for vegans.  

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