Eleanor and Ohio, a sheep and a lamb living at the animal sanctuary Edgar’s Mission in Victoria, Australia, are now a happy mother and son after she lost her babies and became very ill, and he lost her biological mother. 

In May this year, after losing her babies and even the ability to walk, Eleanor was introduced to Ohio, who had lost his mother. Although there were other orphans initially, Eleanor’s affection for Ohio was undeniable. However, at first, he could not nurse properly so the bond could not be secured. Then, the sanctuary staff had the idea to bottle-feed Ohio and cleverly positioned the bottle near Eleanor’s teat. This worked, as he then moved from the bottle to her, and the new mother-son bond was established.  

In an Instagram post on 15th May 2023, the sanctuary wrote: “We soldiered on when our new friend arrived into our care. With a sling to support her form, good nutrition and medications to heal and help her body, and all of our love and kindness, we knew it would be a battle to pull her through; for she, a mother had all but lost her will to live.” 

In another post on 31st May, the sanctuary updated the situation: “Over the past few weeks, their bond has grown stronger. Ohio has thrived under Eleanor’s care, and she has gradually regained her strength. Motivated by Ohio’s presence, Eleanor took small steps with the assistance of her caretakers, determined to walk again. Now, you can see them strolling side by side in the fields, a testament to their unwavering love and the strength they found in each other.”

Founded by Pam Ahern in 2003, Edgar’s Mission is Australia’s longest-running not-for-profit registered farmed animal sanctuary. Through education, outreach, advocacy, community enrichment and tours, they encourage people to expand their circle of compassion to include all animals.

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