The vegan chocolate brand Vego which since its launch in Berlin in 2010 has become a very popular chocolate for European vegans, has been officially launched in the US. It’s already available in Canada, Australia, and several countries in Asia, but not until now it has reached the US market.

Vego chocolates are creamy and hazelnut-based, completely dairy-free. On their website, they state, “VEGO is a vegan company, so all our products are, and always will be, vegan. Here at VEGO, vegan does not only mean bringing an end to animal cruelty but also, producing in an environmentally conscious manner. All VEGO products are Fairtrade certified. It is of utmost importance that our products are manufactured under fair conditions, and free from child labour. VEGO products are made without compromise, with natural ingredients of the highest organic quality. VEGO is characterized by very high-quality raw materials such as hazelnut paste, cocoa butter, almond cream and ground vanilla. We do not use soy or palm oil!”  All these commitments are what have made this company popular with vegans, who would prefer to buy their products than buy plant-based versions of chocolates from non-vegan companies. 

Jan Niklas Schmidt, Vego CEO, told Plant Based News that the brand is “very excited to finally be able to offer our products to a wide range of fans and chocolate lovers in the USA.”

Vego products can be initially bought at Albertsons (which owns stores including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Shaws, Rendalls, and Tom Thumb), and its minibars are already available at selected locations at the check-stands. The original Vego bar, Vego spread, and Vego white can also be found in many US independent grocery stores and natural food chains, including Mother’s Market, Natural Grocers, Lassens, and Down To Earth.

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