Vegan athlete Budjargal Byambaa ran 275 km in two days to take another win, leading second place by over 22 miles. Mongolian-born Budjargal prefers the fixed term ultramarathons where runners pack as much distance into a defined time frame. In 2022 he won the 48-hour World Championships and he has run the 10-day Sri Chinmoy race five times, winning in 2017 (1,189 km), 2019 (1,222 km) and 2023 (1,236 km).

Budjargal has won the Xiamen six-day race and his win at the Florida Icarus six-day race was a course record. He also won and took the course record at the Milwaukee Six Days in the Dome race. He has won the Across the Years ultra –which lasts ten days, starting in one year and finishing in another– three times. Budjargal also broke the course record at the relatively short 72-hour Beyond Limits Ultra.

Vegan since January 2019, Budjargal originally intended to boost his athletic performance and accepted advice from a doctor. During a race, he often eats avocados, bananas and nuts. He eats a lot of coconut meat, grapes, oranges, mandarins, apples, kiwis, berries, pears and mangoes. “Veganism is the right choice for me, it improves my physical strength,” Budjargal says. “It helps me to transcend my physical self, moving to the next stage of my spiritual development and growth.”

Budjargal is keen to stress the spiritual aspect of long-distance running: “Long-distance running is different than any other type of running” he says. “It needs not only physical strength, it needs my inner strength. My thought about inner strength is, it is so powerful and it can give me much much more strength than the physical strength.”

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