Florida is one of the US states that may end up banning the selling of lab meat (aka cultivated meat or cell meat), as its Governor Ron DeSantis has expressed his opposition to it. With the introduction of two bills, HB 1071 and SB 1084, Florida legislators have already been working to ban the production and sale of cell-cultivated meat across the state. On 6th February 2024, the state’s House of Representatives passed SB 1084.

Fast Company reported that Tennessee is considering a similar bill that would impose a $1 million fine for selling lab meat, and Alabama also passed a similar bill, making the sale and manufacturing of such fake meat a Class C felony (selling lab meat there could lead to up to 10 years in prison). According to Food Dive, Texas also implemented legislation around how cultivated meat can be labelled and marketed.

According to CBS, Gov. DeSantis said in February, “You need meat, OK. And we’re going to have meat in Florida…We’re not going to have fake meat. Like that doesn’t work…I know the Legislature is doing a bill to try to protect our meat.” 

Florida state Rep. Tyler Sirois, the Republican who introduced HB 1071 in Florida, said to Politico, “Farming and cattle are incredibly important industries to Florida…So I think this is a very relevant discussion for our state to have.” 

About 150 companies around the world are part of the lab meat industry, 43 of which are based in the US, but only two, Good Meat and Upside Food, have received FDA approval.

Lab meat is not suitable for ethical vegans as it is developed in a lab by growing samples of animal cells, so it continues to be an animal product derived from animals. Additionally, if processed to make it indistinguishable from traditional animal meat, it continues to have the same negative health effects as meat, such as high cholesterol and carcinogenic properties.

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