On 24th April 2024, the Senator Adolfo Gómez Hernández, of the National Regeneration Movement party, performed a ritual on the terrace of the 2nd Floor of the Mexican Senate that included the slaughter of a chicken as a religious sacrifice of “Ofrenda por el Día de la Tierra”, in honour of Tlaloc, God of Rain.

In the capital of Mexico, using animals to celebrate rites or traditions in which their welfare is affected is prohibited, as stated in Article 25, section XII of the Law for the Protection of Animals of Mexico City. Article 23 of the Federal Law on Animal Health also reads as follows: “The humane slaughter of any animal not intended for human consumption shall be justified only if its welfare is compromised by the suffering caused by an accident, illness, physical incapacity or senile disorders, if possible after the opinion of a veterinarian, with the exception of those animal species that, for whatever reason, the Ministry or the Secretariats of Health or Environment and Natural Resources determine as a threat to animal or human health or to the environment.”  According to Wired.com, Senator Adolfo Gomez admitted that he was aware of violating the law by slaughtering a chicken in the Senate.

After the event, the Senate of the Republic distanced itself from the facts, saying in a statement, “These events were carried out under the strict individual responsibility of Senator Adolfo Gómez Hernández, who justified the action under the protection of uses and customs of an indigenous group or community of which he manifested his self-ascription. The presidency of the Board of Directors had previously communicated to the aforementioned senator the express refusal to authorise the entry of any type of animal into the building, in accordance with the security and civil protection protocols in force.”

The animal protection organization AnimaNaturalis announced the filing of a legal complaint with the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office for animal abuse. 

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