The Oceania Triathlon has a new vegan continental champion! On May 3rd, long-term vegan Charlotte McShane took a win in the Sprint

The challenging race attracted the elite from Australia, New Zealand and the islands.

“Anytime you have the chance to win a race it’s super nice,” Charlotte says. “Being able to grab the tape and hold it up is special, so I definitely appreciate it a lot more than I might have done when I was a little bit younger.”

Charlotte openly shares how her vegan lifestyle contributes to her athletic performance. 

“I’ve been a vegan for a very long time and I believe it’s the right diet for me, it’s the right way of living for me, so if others are inspired that an athlete can be a vegan, I think that’s great.”

Charlotte has competed competitively for many years. She is very used to the standard Olympic distance and has competed twice at the Commonwealth Games. In 2013, she won the World ITU Under23 Triathlon Championships in London, winning a tight race that included a 750 meter swim, 20 kilometer cycle and 5 kilometer run. 

Outside of competing, Charlotte is a devoted animal lover who often spends time with her dogs and family. Her passion for animals extends beyond her pets, as she actively supports animal rights in her dietary choices. As a vegan, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes whenever her busy schedule permits.  

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