Every year, Vegan Camp Out brings together thousands of people from over 40 countries for an incredibly memorable few days of celebrating veganism. This four-day, three-night festival, held in Oxfordshire, UK, offers a unique combination of entertainment, workshops, activities and the best vegan food you have ever had! With an expected attendance this year of 12,000 people, Vegan Camp Out 2024 promises to be the best yet!

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The festival’s schedule is packed with a variety of activities designed to appeal to all ages and interests. Attendees can enjoy talks from renowned speakers, live music, late-night afterparties, and an extensive list of workshops. For those seeking mindfulness, relaxation and introspective time, yoga and meditation classes will be offered. For those who are interested in a more lively and playful experience, amusement rides add an extra layer of fun! 

One of the highlights of Vegan Camp Out is the food! With over 55 food vendors, festival-goers will have access to a wide range of delicious vegan cuisine—the best that the UK’s vegan food scene has to offer! From street food to gourmet dishes, there’s something to satisfy just about every palate.

Vegan Camp Out isn’t only about food and fun, it has a strong focus on activism and advocacy for animal rights. This year, the festival is increasing its activism presence through collaborations with leading animal rights organisations such as; We The Free, Viva!, The Save Movement, and Vegan FTA. These partnerships aim to amplify the message of animal liberation and activism throughout the event. 

The lineup of speakers at this year’s upcoming event is impressive; featuring influential figures in the vegan and animal rights movements. Notable speakers include Earthling Ed, Chris Packham, Michael Greger, Simon Amstell, Kate Nash, Macka B, and Lucy Watson, among many others. Speakers share their insights, knowledge and experiences to inspire attendees and create a deeper understanding of veganism. 

Vegan Camp Out is more than just a festival; it’s a movement and a community. It offers a safe space for vegans and those curious about veganism to come together, celebrate and learn. Whether you’re there to experience the activism, the food, or the music, Vegan Camp Out 2024 is an event not to be missed!


Vegan Camp Out offers a special discount for those dedicated to animal rights and liberation. Activists can receive a 25% discount on tickets by emailing vcoactivists@gmail.com with their location and the animal rights organisation they volunteer or work for. The festival will donate £10 from every discounted ticket sold, further supporting the cause. 

Information provided by Vegan Camp Out – https://www.vegancampout.co.uk/

Millie Rose Guy
Millie is an animal rights activist and vegan based in Norwich, UK. They are an editor and author with Vegan FTA, and also help to manage FTA’s main social media channel, as well as the Spanish page and Paris chapter. Outside of their work with Vegan FTA, Millie is a cat parent to their two rescues, and a visual artist.