Tell Roberto Cavalli to Drop Cruel Animal Fur Today!

Animal victims of the fur trade are subjected to unimaginable pain and terror before they are violently killed. With top designers and major retailers dropping fur in droves, it is time Roberto Cavalli joined the fur-free movement.

Take the Vegan Pledge to Save Animals, Your Health, & The Planet!

Whether you're brand new to the vegan lifestyle or have abstained from animal products for years, you can create a compassionate vegan world by choosing to be and stay vegan... for life!

Adopt, Don’t Shop: Pledge to Save Animal Companions from Suffering!

Animals in shelters have been abandoned by the families they love and trust, never to return home. You have the power to save and restore these animals’ broken spirits.

Pledge to Buy Cruelty-Free & Vegan Cosmetics!

Every year, millions of defenseless animals suffer and die in laboratories to produce cosmetics. Take a stand against the beauty industry’s ugly truth by pledging to buy cruelty-free and vegan products!

Pledge Not to Visit Zoos, Aquariums, & Any Facilities that Hold Wild Animals Captive for Entertainment!

All wild animals, from the smallest of fish to the largest mammals, suffer immensely in captivity. Pledge to take a stand against zoos, aquariums, and all facilities that hold wild animals captive for entertainment!

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