Coalition for Animal Liberation 

Around the world, animals are exploited and killed for food, fashion, research and entertainment. Collective action is urgently needed to end this violence and suffering once and for all. Join Vegan FTA’s Coalition for Animal Liberation today!

Vegan FTA’s Coalition for Animal Liberation is a collective of like-minded individuals, activists, educators, decision-makers, creators and organizations that stand united against animal exploitation to create a more compassionate world.

Vegan organizations and animal sanctuaries are invited to become coalition partners. The coalition strategically leverages the ever-growing power of social media and digital outreach to amplify the life-saving work of our partner organizations. In doing so, the coalition raises awareness, educates and inspires new audiences to reject animal exploitation in all of its forms.

Individuals are also invited to sign on as coalition members to receive impactful content, petitions, news, special events, career and volunteer opportunities, and much more!


Together, we can create a world in which all animals are free.