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A generous donor is matching every dollar donated to support our mission of promoting veganism and saving animal lives. In addition, we use our content to help animal sanctuaries raise more funds — making your donation go even further!. Join us in creating a compassionate world for animals, free of exploitation!

We have some amazing plans for the next year that we can’t do or create without your help:

  • A series of mini-documentaries that expose the atrocities and consequences of animal agriculture, providing factual information on a single topic and be a jumping off point to people to learn more through films like Earthlings or Dominion.
  • New investigative research articles on topics related to veganism and animal agriculture
  • New social media channels where we can target people who are not yet vegan, but amenable to a vegan message
  • Public outreach and street activism videos
  • An AI tool which can help people respond to anti-vegan social media comments with facts and references
  • New local chapters and city hubs where we can collect and highlight all of the latest happenings in your local area
  • Fun and informative live streams where we interact with our followers

We’ve had so many people write in and say that our work is the reason they went vegan. Your support helps us make a difference!

Check out our 2023 annual report to see everything we accomplished last year!


In just a few short years, we have become one of the largest animal rights-related presences in social media, with nearly 3 million followers across our English and Spanish channels, as well as our new channels for the Philippines, Japan, and India. With our large, ever-growing reach, we have the opportunity to make a huge difference for animals on a massive scale!

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Check out our 2023 annual report to see everything we accomplished last year!

From the entire Vegan FTA team, we thank you for your donations that allow us to create a better world for the animals!