Take Action For Animals

Urge Costa Coffee to Make Oat Milk Available by Default!
Please urge Costa Coffee to make oat milk the default milk at all of its locations worldwide! In doing so, it will adhere to its “Coffee with Commitment” sustainability program to drive positive change—for animals, consumers, and the environment!

Petitions of the Month

Every month, we highlight the work of organizations and activists who campaign to create a better world for animals. Please take a moment to sign the petitions below and check back every month for more ways to take action!

Don’t Let Animals Return to the Deadly Natural Bridge Zoo!
State witnesses have testified that several deceased animals and animal parts were found on the property of Natural Bridge Zoo, a private roadside zoo in Virginia. They also described birds defecating on tortoises and dead goats lying bloated in their pens during visiting hours. Officials seized nearly 100 animals from the facility; however, authorities inexplicably plan to return 39 of the animals back to Natural Bridge Zoo. Please sign the petition to demand Virginia officials rescue the last 39 animals from this deadly zoo and send them to reputable sanctuaries!

End Horse Blood Farms: Stop importation of ECG serum to Canada
Thousands of horses are crammed into restraint pens and ­forcibly impregnated to have their blood extracted on farms in Argentina and Uruguay. Pregnant mares have giant needles stabbed into their jugular veins to suck out their blood which contains the fertility hormone ECG. The hormone can only be obtained during early pregnancy. Once or twice a week up to ten litres of blood is taken over a period of 11-12 weeks. After that, the mare is forced to abort the developing fetus, and the horrendous cycle continues. The ECG serum is injected into farmed animals, including pigs, to increase their fertility and produce more offspring to be slaughtered and sold. Blood farming is cruel from start to finish. Please act now to call on Canadian decision-makers to ban the importation of Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin (ECG).

Urge Argentina and the United States to Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics!
In a monumental win for animals, Chile recently joined the growing number of countries that have banned animal testing for cosmetics! Rabbits, mice, rats, and guinea pigs are confined and subjected to painful, barbaric procedures to produce items such as makeup, shampoo, and perfume. No animals should suffer and die for cosmetics. Urge Argentina and the United States to ban animal testing for cosmetics today!

Act Now to Ban Greyhound Racing in Australia!
Shocking footage has exposed the horrific treatment of greyhounds who are victims of the dog racing industry in Australia, including physical abuse, live baiting, neglect and cruelty, doping, corruption investigations and an endless line of greyhounds who are hurt or killed through racing every day in the country. Despite this, Australian state governments contribute millions of public dollars to the industry every year. Tell the Australian government to demand an end to these subsidies and to ban greyhound racing nationwide!

Please download, read, and share Plant Based Treaty’s groundbreaking COP28 report, Safe and Just, critiquing the food system’s impact on our planetary boundaries, food security, interspecies justice, intra- and intergenerational justice, health, education, and greening cities. The report offers an adapted vegan donut economics based on Kate Raworth’s work. Imagine a socio-economic system where plant-based food systems flourish, fairness thrives, and the climate, biodiversity, and ocean crises are the only things going extinct. Download the report and social media kit here. 

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