Take Action For Animals

Animal Cruelty is Never In Style! Please Take the Vegan Fashion Pledge Today!

Animals around the world are bred in atrocious conditions or stolen from their natural habitats for their skin, fur, and feathers. Please show compassion with fashion by pledging not to wear clothing or accessories made from animals!

Petitions of the Month

Every month, we share impactful content from the animal protection community to create a more compassionate world for animals. Please click and sign the petitions below, and check back every month for new ways to take action!

Act Now to Ban Brutal Bullfighting in Galicia!

Versión en español: Actúa ahora para prohibir las corridas de toros en Galicia

Urge Home Depot to Ban Brutal Glue Traps!

Demand a Ban on the Caging of Hens in New Zealand!

Shut Down the Brutal Greyhound Racing Industry in Ireland and the UK!

Tell Organizations to Stop Cruel and Destructive Animal Gifting Today!

Demand an End to Shows with Captive Marine Animals in Argentina! 

Speak Out to End Vietnam’s Illegal Dog Meat Trade!

Tell Wake Forest University to Stop Killing Animals to Train Surgeons!

Urge New South Wales’ Officials to Implement Crucial Reforms to Save Animals in Shelters!

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