Take Action For Animals

Tell New York Not to Build a Massive Dairy Production Facility!
Cows have long been the victims of horrific treatment on large-scale dairy farms. Now, condemnation of this mistreatment is a primary driving force behind the shift toward ethically-produced, plant-based milk. Despite the growing demand, the state of New York has revealed backward plans to allow the construction of a new dairy production facility in what would become “the largest dairy processing plant in the Northeast.” There’s still time to speak up for the animals! Please sign our petition to urge New York’s decision-makers to cancel all plans to construct and operate a new dairy production facility!

Petitions of the Month

Every month, we share impactful content from the animal protection community to create a more compassionate world for animals. Please click and sign the petitions below, and check back every month for new ways to take action!

Urge Restaurants to Make Plant-Based Commitments in 2023!
When it comes to reducing the number of animals who are killed for food, access to vegan-friendly foods at restaurants is crucial. Please urge Dairy Queen, Five Guys, Quiznos, and King Taco to add plant-based options to its menu this year!

Tell Argentina’s Officials that Animals are Someone, not Something!
Please urge decision-makers to modify the Argentinian Civil and Commercial Code to consider animals sentient non-human persons, excluding them from being characterized as things or property. 

Animals are being left behind in Canada’s Wildfires: Demand Better Rescue Protocols!
Wildfires are burning across Canada, causing thousands of people to evacuate their homes. Tragically, many animal companions are being left behind to face the flames alone. Please urge Canadian federal leaders to establish better evacuation protocols for animal shelters and boarding facilities!

It’s Time to End the Plant-Based Milk Upcharge!
Why are coffee shops, big and small, still charging extra for plant milk? Urge Starbucks to finally eliminate its plant-based milk upcharge and access resources to urge coffee shops in your local community to do the same!

Tell New York City to Endorse the Plant Based Treaty!
It is time for New York City to take the initiative to endorse the Plant Based Treaty and influence cities and countries around the world to follow! Please urge Mayor Eric Adams to take urgent action today!

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