Take Action For Animals

Pledge to be Vegan for Life to Save Animals, Your Health, & The Planet!

Every year, an estimated 70 billion land animals, including cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and sheep, are raised and killed for food worldwide. Roughly two-thirds of the world’s farm animals are born on factory farms, and approximately 160 million of these animals are transported to slaughterhouses to be killed every day. Whether you’re brand new to the vegan lifestyle or have abstained from animal products for years, you can create a compassionate vegan world by choosing to be and stay vegan… for life! Sign our pledge today!

Petitions of the Month

Every month, we share impactful content from the animal protection community to create a more compassionate world for animals. Please click and sign the petitions below, and check back every month for new ways to take action!

Kangaroos Alive: Take Action to Save Kangaroos from Being Killed for Food, Leather & More!

Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project: Save the Disney Dolphins!

UK Citizens: Join the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting!

Compassion in World Farming: Urge Legislators to Fund Plant-Based Foods in Schools!  *United States Residents Only

Animal Justice: Tell Canada’s Decisionmakers Not to Ban Adoptable Dogs from Entering the Country! *Canada Residents Only 

SAFE: Take Action to End the Killing of Pregnant Cows in New Zealand!

FOUR PAWS International: End Bear Farming in Vietnam! 

Te Protejo: End Barbaric Animal Testing in Chile!

Activistas Animalistas de La Costa: End Shows with Captive Marine Animals in Argentina!

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