Animals in Entertainment

From the smallest of fish to the largest mammals, all wild animals suffer immensely in captivity. Zoos, circuses, traveling shows, marine theme parks, and aquariums hold animals captive for human entertainment while ignoring animals’ natural instincts, health, and wellbeing. Please take action for wild animals who suffer in captivity for entertainment today! 


Pledge Not to Visit Zoos, Aquariums, & Any Facilities that Hold Wild Animals Captive for Entertainment!


Act Now to Ban Brutal Bullfighting in Galicia!

Versión en español: Actúa ahora para prohibir las corridas de toros en Galicia

Save the Dolphins Held Captive at Walt Disney World Resort!

Help #FreeHappy the Elephant from Bronx Zoo!

Demand the Release of Lonely Asha the Elephant to Sanctuary!

Enact a ban on Traveling Zoos and Circuses in your Location!

Complain to DEFRA about Animal Suffering at Aquariums!

Wild animals held in captivity for entertainment are deprived of everything they need to thrive, including the ability to roam freely, select mates, form social structures within their natural habitats, and the basic autonomy to make choices for themselves. Many wild animals are callously stolen from their natural habitats. Others are victims of illegal trafficking. Breeding programs perpetuate the cycle of animal exploitation as they make it easier for zoos to obtain and purchase animals. Captive-bred animals are almost never returned to the wild and are simply kept in captivity for profit.

Regardless of its size or credentials, no facility will ever provide wild animals with the life they would have experienced in the wild. Please take action today!