From Fur Farms to Freedom

In this 4-part mini-series, you’ll meet Nicole Navarro, President/Founder of Pawsitive Beginnings fox sanctuary and learn about the plight of the foxes in the fur industry and how she is working to save them.

Episode 1 – A Cruel Industry: In this episode, you’ll discover the brutal truths behind the deadly fur trade. The fur industry is built upon the immense suffering of animals who suffer and die for their skins.
Episode 2 – Road to Rescue: Nicole discusses her years of dedicated activism against the fur trade and her Inspiring journey to create forever homes for foxes who suffered immensely on fur farms.
Episode 3 – The Challenges of Rescue: Nicole explains the driving forces behind creating Pawsitive Beginnings and the challenges she encounters in her mission to save foxes who suffered on fur farms.
Episode 4 – Friends, not Fashion: Meet the adorable and resilient Reef, Coral, Libby, Louie and all of the fabulous Pawsitive Beginnings foxes!

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