Live Panel Discussions

Animal Research – DO WE NEED IT? Do we NEED to test on animals? Millions of animals suffer and die for scientific research every year. Dogs, cats, monkeys, mice, pigs, rabbits, sheep, horses, and more, are held captive in laboratories where they are forced to undergo agonizing experiments to produce new drugs, cosmetics and much more. Join Vegan FTA and our panel of experts on finding solutions and hope for the animals being exploited in these systems.

Killing Our National Treasure – The Sad Truth the World Needs to Know A Vegan FTA interactive live panel focusing on the largest commercial wildlife slaughter anywhere in the world. Learn how each and everyone of us can be part of ending the death of a national treasure. Join the Vegan FTA team alongside expert panelists Greg Keightley, Kate McIntyre Clere & Mick McIntyre.

No Animals Needed – How Do We Reach the Vision of Farming We Want? As a movement committed to the liberation of animals, animal farmers are not often held in high regard due to the acts of cruelty that are common practice within the animal agriculture industry. But if we wish to end animal based agriculture, we have to work with those within the system. While it may seem counter intuitive to some, the animals’ liberation lies in the liberation of farmers. This live panel’s goal is to educate you, the viewer, on the importance of farm transition projects and how you can be your best advocate self, by communicating with farmers effectively and helping to build a new food system and economy without animals.