11 Turkeys Rescued ✊ | Sage Mountain Sanctuary #shorts

11 Turkeys Rescued ✊ | Sage Mountain Sanctuary #shorts

‘Rescued ✊⁠

11 Turkeys rescued; one will live the rest of his life at Sage Mountain Sanctuary!⁠

Please sincerely consider the atrocities turkeys face as a result of our desire to consume them. Take some time to look into it. These days we have excellent plant-based alternatives such as @the_tofurky_company, among many more. And even if we didn’t like the taste of the alternative so much, we believe their lives are worth so much more than taste.’ 🙏 ⁠

Thank you @directactioneverywhere and and @sagemountainsanctuary for all your amazing work!⁠

🎥: @sagemountainsanctuary

Find out more about the turkey rescued from Sage Mountain Sanctuary 👇
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Facebook: https://facebook.com/sagemountainutah

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Watch Turkey Rescued from a Factory Farm on Thanksgiving: https://youtu.be/JwbGQPeY2Fo

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