A Cruel Industry: The Reality of Fur Farming

A Cruel Industry: The Reality of Fur Farming

From Fur Farms to Freedom: A Series by Pawsitive Beginnings Premiere!
Narrated by Grammy Award Winner Zachary James

No animals should suffer for fashion. Watch Episode #1: The Cruelty of Fur Farming to discover the brutal truths behind the deadly fur trade. The fur industry is built upon the immense suffering of animals who suffer and die for their skins. Foxes, mink, chinchillas and other fur-bearing animals live miserable lives on fur farms, where they are confined to cramped wire cages and experience boredom to the point of self-mutilation and madness. The terrified animals are gassed, bludgeoned, or electrocuted before their fur is used to produce fur jackets, trim, and accessories.

Come back tomorrow for Episode 2 for the inspiring story behind the creation of Pawsitive Beginnings fox sanctuary.

Leading up to #FurFreeFriday (November 25th), Episodes 1- 4 of From Fur Farms to Freedom: A Series by Pawsitive Beginnings will debut throughout the week. This exclusive mini-series aims to raise awareness for the vulnerable #animals who are killed for #fashion, the wonderful individuals who work tirelessly to save them, and ways YOU can help end the brutal fur trade.

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Footage and thumbnail from Kelly Guerin, Karol Orzechowski, Jo-Anne McArthur, Djurrattsalliansen / We Animals

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Read An Exposé of Fur Farming in Quebec: https://weanimalsmedia.org/2022/09/08/an-expose-of-fur-farming-in-quebec

Take Action 👇
👉 EU Citizens! Act Now to Create a Fur-Free EU: https://veganfta.com/take-action/fur-free-europe
👉 ACT NOW! Tell Roberto Cavalli to Finally Go Fur-Free: https://drove.com/.2Baq
👉 No animals should suffer and die for fashion. Pledge to only support cruelty-free vegan today! https://drove.com/.2Cqw

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