A World Without Animal Exploitation | European Vegan Summit

A World Without Animal Exploitation | European Vegan Summit


👉@European Vegan Summit: 15-18.09.2022 (online) 👈

🌍 The very first event of its kind in Europe. Place where #vegan activists, politicians, business people and academics meet on one stage. We believe it is high time to start connecting the dots between the world of human rights, environmental rights and animal rights. It is impossible to create a modern nation and develop competitive economies without changing the food system. Only an economy without animal exploitation can provide the answer to the challenges brought by climate catastrophe.

🗣️ Among our expert guests you can find Jackie Norman of @Veganfta, Anita Krajnc of @the save movement, @Joanne McArthur of @we animals media , Claire Smith of Beyond Animal, Ana Bradley of @sentient media, Emma Hurst MP, and many more!

💬 The panels will range from discussions on vegan entrepreneurship, supporting vegan activists to talks on whether and why women will change the world and what the EU can do to save our planet and billions of animal lives.

❗️REGISTER FOR FREE NOW: https://beyondanimal.com/conference/view/EVS?tab=packages

❗️CHECK OUT THE PROGRAMME: https://beyondanimal.com/conference/view/EVS?tab=main

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